At The Schulman Law Firm, we listen to our clients, and collaborate with them to achieve their business goals, whether that is closing a transaction or contract or winning a litigation or arbitration.

Focus, responsiveness, and creativity are the hallmarks of our practice.

Results are what we are paid for -- quite literally, in matters in which our clients and we have agreed to a contingent fee arrangement.

In litigations, in each of the past three years, we collected between $75 million and $105 million for our clients enforcing litigation judgments and arbitrations awards issued by a wide variety of US and international forums. Given the wide variety of pre-judgement and post-judgment devices that are available in New York courts that are not available elsewhere, we also have obtained pre-arbitration and pre-judgment attachments and restraining orders, and have handled enforcement proceedings for arbitration awards and court judgments originally obtained by other law firms in London, Taiwan, Singapore, and other international jurisdictions, and work regularly and closely with international law firms, including firms based in London, New York, Paris, and Singapore.

Other lawyers and law firms are our second largest source of referrals -- after existing clients.

Representative Clients

Under New York ethics rules, we may not mention our clients by name unless express permission to do so is granted, which is against policy for many of our larger US corporate clients (in particular, banks and other public companies). Clients who have provided permission are listed by name below; others are described.

Our client base is diverse, ranging from large multi-nationals, to entrepreneurs and start-ups.

The financial industry is strongly represented, including commercial and investment banks, broker/dealers, hedge fund administrators, hedge fund third party marketers, hedge funds, private equity funds, factors, reinsurers, insurers, and insurance trusts.

In the energy sector, we represent oil and gas companies both with in the United States (e.g., California, Ohio, Oklahoma, Texas, West Virginia) and outside (e.g., Quebec, Ukraine). We also represent a major Chinese and Singapore shipyard that builds oil/gas offshore platforms, drill ships, and supply vessels.

Clients we have been authorized to list whom we have represented in recent years include:

  • AIS Fund Administration
  • Alliance Marketing
  • Alternative Investment Solutions
  • BKS Productions
  • CIMC Raffles Offshore (Singapore) Limited
  • Computer Workbench Inc.
  • ConvergEx Execution Solutions LLC
  • ConvergEx Group, LLC
  • Eze Castle Software LLC
  • G-Trade Services LLC
  • GasTek LLC
  • Gate Technologies, LLC
  • Lever One Capital
  • LiquidPoint, LLC
  • Parma Limited
  • RDB Realty Advisors LLC
  • Regent Private Capital
  • SGM Energy
  • Special Trades Contracting and Construction Trust
  • Tavira Securities
  • Townsend Analytics
  • Westminster Research Associates
  • Yantai CIMC Raffles Offshore Ltd.